bella bridesmaids allentown

Allentown, Pennsylvania


645 West Hamilton Street Suite 105 Allentown, PA

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Bella Bridesmaids has the largest collection of bridesmaid dresses from the world’s leading designers in our Bella Showrooms. With hundreds of dresses to choose from, your personal Bella stylist is ready for anything. We’d love to play a part in helping to create your wedding and make it everything you have dreamed!

Being in the wedding industry is so much fun, especially when you get be part of crafting the brides palette. Color sets the tone for everyones weddings and being that we work with the bridesmaids and flower girls, it allows us to create super dimensional palettes with colors and textures. I love playing such a pivotal part in the brides big day! It truly is a blessing and we have built so many beautiful relationships with the brides and bridesmaids!

I got started after planning my own wedding. I fell in love with the wedding industry!

-Erika, Owner of Bella Bridesmaids- Allentown

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