Dare Floral Studio

Leigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Areas of Service:

Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, New Jersey

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meet becca

Dare is a boutique, studio-based floral design company specializing in weddings, events, and editorial work. Based in the Lehigh Valley, we love our proximity to Philadelphia and New York, but also all the natural spaces we have access to. Our design philosophy is grounded in our respect and admiration for nature and her wide array of nuanced, lush colors and textures. We love the uniqueness and seasonality of the flowers we use and look to highlight that in our designs, sourcing local blooms when possible.

Becca Gray, a Lehigh Valley transplant from Chester County, PA, was formally trained in Photography, and dabbled in printmaking and sculpture, before jumping into the floral design and event world in 2017. She thanks her earlier studies for her eye for color and texture, but it’s the floral medium that really brought everything together for her. She loves the fleeting, seasonal aspect of floral design. The fact that no two blooms or branches are alike suggests infinite design possibilities and, as a problem solver, that excites her tremendously. When it comes to her work, she loves creating deep, nuanced color palettes that compliment her clients’ personalities and help tell their story in a new way. For this reason, she actually prefers when her clients come to her without a set-in-stone palette so that the process can be more collaborative and yield a more intentional result. At events, she loves a big design moment, but also believes it’s the details that make or break a vision. When she’s not working, you’ll often find Becca out on her paddle board or going for a swim. You can say she loves water, but she’ll say she needs it. She has always been drawn to something in water, but as an artist she finds nothing works better to help her reset or to jumpstart her creative process. She’s even been known to plan trips around how many natural swimming spots she can get into. Aside from finding natural pools, she enjoys traveling to gather inspiration from architecture, art, and the unique color palettes, textures, and shapes found in everyday life.

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