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State College, Pennsylvania

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Central PA | Eastern PA

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I’m Michael T Davis, a storyteller and wedding photographer for over 10yrs. I’ve captured diverse weddings from all throughout Pennsylvania. Whether it’s Hindu, Napali, Persian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Ivorian, Nigerian, Greek, Ukrainian, or traditional American, I’m your photographer. I also believe that love is love and photograph both binary and non-binary weddings.

My focus is on both documenting and preserving your love story. I provide you with a luxury experience, breathtaking albums, and stunning portraits to hang on your walls so that you will have lasting memories and not just Facebook ones. I want you to feel fulfilled knowing that your story is being told your way. When you are ready, I’d love to learn more about you and your love story.

My love for storytelling began in undergrad and really developed in my 20’s. During this time I was working with at-risk youth and using my artistry to provide them with a medium for self-exploration. I helped them develop the confidence and competence to document their stories through photo and video. While this was fulfilling, I slowly began shifting my focus from solely helping others document their stories to educating people on why their stories matter and the importance of preserving them This shift really began as I started to explore the world of photography and the impact that it has on preserving stories from one generation to the next. And this is how I found my way into wedding photography. Since 2011 (my 1st wedding), I’ve been helping couples preserve their love stories. Over time and with confidence, I grew in my craft and passion. Today, I want my couples to feel fulfilled knowing that their stories are being told their way and that they can pass them down through their wedding albums.