Top 5 Topics To Think About When Planning Your Engagement Session

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So you just got engaged – That is SO exciting!! You’ve taken some time to process and prepare for the whole wedding planning experience and are ready to tackle what lies ahead.  Everything is going swimmingly and now that you’ve booked your wedding photographer, you are ready to chat about your engagement session! What do I wear? Where do we go? What time of the year is best? Why do we need an engagement session? How do I want our images to look overall? Suddenly, an overwhelming sense of panic washes over you!!

As a lifestyle and wedding photographer, here are my top 5 topics to think about when planning for your engagement session

Number 1… Why have an engagement session

This seems a bit obvious, but really it’s SO important to schedule an engagement session with your wedding photographer. That way you all get a feel in how everyone works together and you’ll get a sense of how the photographer works with you as a couple! Plus, who doesn’t want gorgeous photos of you and your fiancée without the wedding gown and tux?

Number 2… When to have your engagement session

This is a big question with a very simple answer. What time of year best fits the look you want? Personally, I think every time of year has its own qualities. The main thing you want to think about is will you be using your photos for your save the dates. In that case, you’d want to have your engagement session done around a year before your wedding day.  Having said that, Early spring is so nice with (hopefully) the trees blooming and flowers coming up from the winter ground. Golden hour during the summer months is so magical too with all of the greenery surrounding you. Fall is the quintessential time of year for photos because… foliage!  Last but not least, the winter months can equally be as magical as those summer months. Believe it or not, winter golden hour is so fiery and gorgeous – huge plus, you’ll be able to keep each other warm and get great candid shots!

Number 3… What to wear!

This goes hand-in-hand with number 2, based on the time of year you want to set up your engagement session. Here are some great color combo’s and ideas for each season. For winter, I LOVE colorful wintery attire such as vests, pea coats, tall boots, and scarves. It’s very cozy and adds great texture to the photos. BONUS if it happens to be snowing! Some colors to keep in mind: Navy, Hunter Greens, Mustards, Crimson Reds, Plaid, and Creams. For Spring (depending on the weather), creams, light pinks, florals, and navy’s are always very nice! BONUS if it’s raining.. a cute umbrella! For Summer, a nice crisp shirt for him and a flowy maxi dress is a great go-to! For Fall, the best colors are navy’s, crimsons, and mustards with jeans and a great bootie!

Number 4… Hair and Make up – is it necessary?

Hair and make up is NOT mandatory however, I’ve had brides in the past coincide their hair and make up trial for the same day as their engagement session! What better way to not have to do it yourself, and yay! It’s done professionally! BONUS TIP: a manicure is great too for that close up ring shot!

Number 5… Locations

I saved the best for last – LOCATIONS!! I did have a very long paragraph written about each specific location that I love shooting at with my couples in and around Bucks County. To be perfectly honest, I think the most important thing to think about with a location is what means the most to you as a couple. If you feel that you are most comfortable at home, have an in-home session! If you both are coffee fanatics, have your session at a great coffee shop! If you both love to go hiking or be outdoors, go to a great local park! The possibilities are endless! No matter where you go, as long as it represents who you are as a couple, I can guarantee you will have a blast and feel most like yourselves. I am a firm believer that when you are your most true self, it will show in front of the camera!

Happy Planning!

Rachel Betson, owner of Rachel Betson Photography