Benefits Of Hiring A Day Of Coordinator

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Through the process of planning your wedding, you may have heard people mention a Day of Coordinator. So, what exactly is a Day Of Coordinator and why should you hire one for your wedding?

A Day of Coordinator, contrary to the name, is usually hired by a couple about 1-2 months before their wedding date. Once hired, your Day of Coordinator will begin organizing your wedding day based on your to-do list. Coordinating with your vendors and their contracts, the wedding venue and the couple, your Day of Coordinator will create a detailed timeline of your day, down to the minute, which will establish a smooth- flow of the day’s events.  This will help ensure that your vendors and your venue, know all the necessary information such as; where they should be and when they should arrive; where they can load and unload their equipment; what happens after they setup; and any additional special instructions.

You’ve spent months putting together the perfect wedding. You’ve created a full design concept and color palette, picked a beautiful venue, and hired all your vendors. You’ve done all the work to prepare for your wedding but now-who is going to make sure that all that hard work goes according to plan? You want to be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day and not have to worry about all the little details. Your wedding day is a day to celebrate your love story as a couple and to share your happiness and joy with your loved ones. As the bride and groom, the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is play host. Your wedding will need a point person, which is where your Day of Coordinator comes in handy!

Your Day Of Coordinator is also a bit of a safety net. They, of course, plan for things to go accordingly but also come prepared in case things do not go according to plan and are able to quickly think on their feet to fix any unforeseen issues that might come up. They’ve got your back and your wedding’s best interest at heart. Having a Day Of Coordinator in your corner can really take the wedding day pressure off your shoulders.


Photo by Ill Productions Photography

Photo by Ill Productions Photography

Your Day of Coordinator can also attend your rehearsal to help you run through the ceremony. They can help you organize your bridal party for your processional and recessional, plan seating or standing positions for your bridal party during the ceremony and establish cues (such as when a certain song starts, the bride starts walking down the aisle) to help you get your bridal party down the aisle with ease.

Weddings can get very expensive and sometimes couples opt not to hire a full-time Wedding Planner simply because of the extra expense. To offset that cost, couples will often decide to hire a Day Of Coordinator instead. A Day Of Coordinator can provide you with some of the benefits of having a full-time Wedding Planner but at a more cost-effective price. On the other hand, you might be more of an “A Type” bride who loves the checklists and the planning and designing of your wedding so a full-time Wedding Planner might not be something that you really need. But if you want to be able to relax and enjoy the day, hiring a Day Of Coordinator may be a great option for you. Most Wedding Planners do provide a Day Of Coordination package option so check with your local Wedding Planners to get pricing comparisons and details about their different packages.

Think of your Day Of Coordinator as your wedding day best friend. Your Day Of Coordinator is there to make sure that all those little details you have painstakingly put together to create the perfect day goes according to plan. They want to make sure that you are happy and relaxed and that you actually get to enjoy every second of your wedding day. You’re wedding day really does go by so quickly so having the opportunity to really soak it all in is really important! After all that hard work of planning your wedding, you deserve to enjoy it!


Photo by Ill Productions Photography


Photo by Ill Productions Photography


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