Meet the Vendor: DPNAK Weddings

Danielle Pasternak

Wedding Planner + Coordinator

How did you get started in the industry?

My background is in theater and dance. In 2009, after a 41-day cross-country road trip, I I dove head first into the world of wedding planning. It’s exactly what I was born to do.

Tell us why you love doing what you do!

I am a helper and thrive in situations where I’m able to make “something happen” for someone else. If I’m invited to a birthday party, I’m the one who ends up cutting the cake, popping the champagne and doing the dishes. When I work with couples, I’m able to provide them with the knowledge to plan a wedding they know will be amazing. On their wedding day, they’re able to enjoy themselves completely as I take care of making the magic happen behind the scenes. And I firmly believe that with all of the time, energy and money couples put into planning their wedding, they deserve to kick their heels up and enjoy every minute of the day.

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