Our Wedding Story: “We never received photos from our wedding day”

Our Wedding Story: "We never received photos from our wedding day"

Sara and David’s wedding photos share those same loving feelings just like others we’ve showcased here on Pennsylvania Weddings. But for this couple, these photos were not the original plan when the two tied the knot last year.

A few months back, we saw a post in a vendor group where one of the members posted about how her nephew and his new wife didn’t receive their wedding photos. It was completely devastating to read. You hire someone to photograph your wedding and capture those memorable moments only to learn that after it’s all said and done you won’t be receiving any photos. This was the case with Sara and David. A coworker of the bride was hired to shoot their wedding as she was looking to branch out and well you guessed it… they never received a single photo or a refund.

This was the only photo from the wedding day that the couple have. It’s a still from the video footage.

This was the only photo from the wedding day that the couple have. It’s a still from the video footage.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of this happening and it won’t be the last. While we do our best to educate couples on how to pick their vendors, this is still a problem many couples face who unknowingly book a vendor that doesn’t come through. Luckily, there is hope. We are sharing Sara and David’s story so that couples who may have gone through this can see that with the right vendor team, you can still have wedding portraits if you really wish. And while you’ll always have the wonderful memories of your wedding day, now you can have those heirloom portraits to display in your home and cherish for a lifetime.

Flash forward to March of 2020 (right before the COVID pandemic) with a new team of vendors, David’s aunt, Dina of Lilac and Lace pulled together a day of portraits for couple. Their original florist, Krista of Re Bloom Florals re-created the bouquet and boutonniere from their wedding last year.

“Sara and David were heartbroken when their wedding photos did not turn out. Their wedding, at the Merion Tribute House, was such a joyous occasion of celebration by both of their families. David had moved quickly back to Pennsylvania from Georgia the year before when his dad almost died and was thrilled when Sara didn’t hesitate to follow him a few months later.”

— Dina, The groom’s aunt

“We were married in a wonderful whirlwind, with love and support from our friends and family. We have so many beautiful memories of that day planted in our minds. Now, thanks to the artistry of Dina, Nellie, Cassie and Krista, we can look back on stunning images to remind us of the seeds of love and joy with which we began our marriage.”

— Sara, The Bride

The Vendors

Photographer: Nelie M Photos | Florist: Re Bloom Florals | Planner/Vintage Couch: Lilac and Lace Co. | Hair/Mua: Beyoutiful By Salon Chloe | Venue: Private Residence

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