Mourning a Wedding During COVID-19

It’s OK to grieve. There I said it, I give you permission to grieve your wedding. Whether you canceled, rescheduled or changed your vision you’re allowed to fall down. Give yourself some grace and crumble, just a little bit. Go ahead cry and scream, it is OK to mourn the loss of your wedding plans.

“At least you’re healthy.”

“Put your heart into your new date.”

“There are more tragic things going on in the world.”

Don’t let statements like these keep you from grieving. This is a legitimate loss, something you have been dreaming and planning for months, even years. The process of grieving is important in order for you to really, officially, move on and enjoy your future wedding day or elopement.

So how can you really begin to accept this change of plans? How can you walk down that aisle and not be constantly reminded of what might have been? It is not as simple as faking a smile, says Johns Hopkins Medicine. Be real, find someone who you can break down with. Even in this quarantine lifestyle, don’t isolate from the people who want to reach out and hold onto you. Michelle Carlstrom, LCSW-C, is quoted saying “Major life changes, even if they are for the best, can still leave a hole in your heart,”. Your wedding has been changed and I am sure you have heard way too many times that “It is for the best“ or “This is the best for everyone’s health”. That does not mean you are not allowed to grieve the loss of this day, because that is exactly what this is…

YOU are grieving a loss.

What can you learn from this time? Johns Hopkins Medicine discusses the exploration of that grief. When someone reaches out via video of phone call, avoid the all too familiar “I am fine.” Loss and Grief is not reserved for death, finding time to grieve the loss of this wedding or a change of plans deserves to be recognized as a major loss.

Don’t bottle it up, feel your emotions and explore how you can heal from this broken heart. Create a list, paint your feelings, do a social media cleanse; find what is your release and begin to heal. Complete our worksheet and find new ways to help heal your mind, body and spirit.


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