Interview with Tehya and Tiffany at Furever + Always

Tell us about your business:

We’ve been best friends since college (which seems like a million years ago now) & have always had the idea of starting our own business. Many thoughts and ideas came to mind, but none really seemed to excite us. Then we started noticing a problem when our friends were getting married and they couldn’t figure out how to include their pups! Being obsessed dog moms ourselves, it wasn’t until a little while after those weddings that we said “We can start a service bringing couples’ dogs to weddings”! And BAM! 2 hours later we had the logo & the company name and were ready to start making our vision become a reality.

What kind of animals do you work with?

Most of our clients are dogs– big, small, energetic, calm… you name it! They are more receptive to new environments & being around people. We have worked with a few cats & it’s definitely been more of a challenge. Cats are independent by nature & are not as receptive to new environments, but we made it work & the pictures turned out great! We’re always up fur a challenge to work with other animals. We’ve had people ask about pigs which we think would be so fun!



Photo by: (left) Jillian Michelle Photography

Photo by: (left) Jillian Michelle Photography




(right) Hannah Mink Photography

(right) Hannah Mink Photography




What’s the process for someone wanting to use your services?

The process is very simple if someone is interested in our services. Once someone reaches out with an initial inquiry we will then ask fur some initial de-TAILS to find the pawfect package fur them. When they decide to move forward we send over our Pawsultation Questionnaire which allows us to get to know their pup(s) a little bit better. The next step is the Pup N Greet. That is where the pup(s)’ Furever Handler will come to meet them & their humans. It allows everyone to get acquainted to make sure all parties will be comfortable on the big day! To secure the date we ask fur the proposal to be signed & then a deposit to be placed. We are always available to discuss the de-TAILS as our services are based on many other aspects of the day & when the pup(s) will need to be present at the venue. When the wedding week approaches we will do a final check-in. Then on the big day we will handle all logistics fur the pup(s) to make sure you have a stress-free wedding & they have a fun time! Think of us as doggie wedding planners if you will 🙂

What are some important tips or info you can give to couples exploring the idea of including their furry friends in their wedding day?

1) Check with your venue to see if they are pet-friendly. If the answer is no, then we always suggest letting them know a professional handler will be there escorting your pup. Some places have made exceptions based on this info! And if they still say no, well there are ways we can still make some pictures happen outside right off site!
2) Know your pup & be realistic! This is SO important. Some dogs have anxiety & only do well when they are around smaller crowds. If that’s the case we can find a more intimate setting with the couple, photographer, dog and us. It will allow the couple to still get some pictures & not cause extreme anxiety in a large crowd. There are dogs that have lots of energy. We love working with high energy pups, but it’s definitely beneficial to add more time into the package to allow your handler and the pup(s) to get to the venue early to get that energy out before guests arrive. If you plan on having them walk down the aisle & they’re 150 lbs and tend to pull, it would be better that they walk with a groomsman & probably not the 7-year old flower girl. There are a lot more different scenarios that could come up, and that is why the Pawsultation Questionnaire & Pup N Greet is so beneficial so we can get a better idea of what will be best fur your pup on the big day!
3) This isn’t a tip, but every time we arrive with the pup(s) wedding stress or nervousness just disappears!




Photo by: Clay Blackmore Photography


How can someone request services?

There are many different ways to request our services! You can go to our website to fill out an inquiry form; email us directly at; call us at (443) 275-6211; reach out via Instagram @fureveralways or on Facebook!




Photo by: Emily Chastain Photography


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