Sweethearts Wed on a Helipad and Celebrated at The Chubb Hotel

From the photographer: At some point in everyone’s lifetime they encounter that couple. You know the one I am talking about, the ones who meet their soulmate in high school and have the picturesque relationship that we see in movies and vow one day to have. You see them together at parties and bowling alleys and they are in their own little love bubble. Everyone has seen this couple and though “Wow, they’re going to get married one day.” However, if you’re me, you look at them and think “Wow, I hope I get to photograph their wedding one day.” Well folks, sometimes dreams do come true…

Fast forward to the wedding day, October 21, 2018. I was geared up and ready to go so early I hung out in the parking lot for nearly an hour and a half. Finally, after what felt like eternity it was showtime. I grabbed my bag and headed into the CHUBB Hotel and Conference Center with my camera and an excitement level of a little girl meeting her favorite Disney princess for the first time. As I walked in the room I was greeted by so many beaming smiles. The room was so full of beautiful people, excitement and love. I turned the corner to find my bride getting glammed up the like the true queen she was that day. I never whipped out my camera so fast and started taking photos.

The light was hitting just right on her bouquet showing the most perfect hue of the flowers she designed with Robertson’s Flowers and Events. It felt as if every shot I took was going to be golden. I was about an hour in and already could not wait to go home and edit! Once the girls were beautified and ready to go, we headed out to the overgrown field to see her groom for their first look. The butterflies in my stomach were full on monarchs, I couldn’t wait. My mind was going crazy trying to imagine Michael’s reaction to seeing her for the first time, had he ever seen her like this? Would it be everything he’d ever imagined?

Nicolette and Michael were married on the helipad that overlooked the neighborhood they grew up in with the Philadelphia skyline closely in view. They exchanged vows while the sun set slowly behind them creating a gorgeous golden glow that emphasized the color scheme of this fall wedding. They sealed their love with a kiss as husband and wife and exited their ceremony in a sea of cheers and flower petals that cascaded over them.

There was not a single detail missed or precious moment unplanned. From the dress to the woodcut outs with each guest’s name at their table, everything was perfect. Love was in the air and the details were endless. Guests snapped photos with a Polaroid to create the Calcavecchia guest book while hors d’oeuvres were served on the patio under a clear night sky. The wedding party and their guests danced the night away under the floral chandeliers and rustic fall decor that surrounded them.

This wedding was truly one for the books and one that I still, almost a year later cannot stop talking about. I’ll never forget the hallways lined with blown up photos of the moment of their engagement, the perfection of the pumpkins lining the aisle or little glances I captured them taking of each other all night. The Calcavecchia wedding has given me so much hope and inspiration for future weddings to come!


Photographer: Ashley Griffin Photography | Venue: CHUBB Hotel | Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal | Bridesmaids Dresses: Nordstrom Wedding Suite
Groomsman: Men’s Warehouse / The Tie Bar | Florist: Robertson’s Flowers and Events
Guest Name Pieces: Etsy | Caterer: Garces Events
Hair: Chris Hill | Makeup: Charlotte Erace / C.E. Facial Artistry

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