Get to know Philly’s Newest Venue BLDG39 at The Arsenal

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Pennsylvania Weddings is excited to share with you, Philly’s newest event venue! BLDG39 At The Arsenal

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BLDG39 at the Arsenal is a new historical & industrial style event venue in the heart of Bridesburg located right off i-95 only 15 minutes from Center City.

The venue was built in 1917 during war times and was carefully renovated to preserve the history within its walls⁣⁣⁣. BLDG39 is family-owned and operated by the Weizer family with three generations involved. During renovations the Weizers actually found artifacts telling the story of the buildings’ history, including several 76 mm shell casings believed to be constructed for the M18 Hellcat, a tank used by the United States military during the Korean War and World War II, and documents that appear to be weaponry blueprints.

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The first thing you’ll notice when you enter the Arsenal complex is that there is not only ample parking for guests but also two large garage doors that open up to the outdoor space that can be used to create a hybrid of indoor and outdoor events.

As you enter through the signature BLDG39 doors into the main 2600 sq foot ground level room of open floor plan with a large built in bar. The distressed walls, original doors, and high ceiling are a reminder of the history of the building while also providing a modern & industrial backdrop for any type of event. The space is a perfect blank canvas for weddings, milestone celebrations, and all types of corporate events. Depending on the style of event and seating arrangements the venue can accommodate up to 250-300 guests.

If you turn right you are led down a hallway that includes a private suite, coat room, and beautifully renovated bathrooms.

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BLDG39 was thoughtfully created by the Weizer family to be both an event venue and a co-working commissary kitchen for local caterers and food trucks. These local caterers and food trucks are the wonderful in-house options providing catering for events. This dynamic creates a unique ecosystem for all to thrive and allows them to “strut their stuff” in their own home!

Rental Info

Rental ranges $2,000-$4,500 for 5 hour rental depending on the day of the week

Includes coat room, private suite, and wifi

Handicap accessible

Indoor/outdoor capabilities

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