Jessica Lynn Photography

Jessica Lynn Photography
Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

Areas of Service:

Montgomery | Chester | Bucks | Philadelphia | Delaware | Lehigh | Berks | Lancaster | Lebanon

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I, me – not we – just I am a 1 woman operation. I handle everything with my couples from your inquiry to any meetings to all of the shooting to editing to delivery and everything in between. All of my wedding packages include a second shooter; so where do they come from? An ongoing list of other amazing business owning photographers in your area or who also like to travel who will be hired by me to shoot your wedding with me! They are hand selected based on the style of photography that you’re looking for and your personality. Let’s be real though, I only hire hella fun people because I can’t be bothered with the bland #sorrynotsorry. I // Me // Yo // Soy // am super pumped to meet new faces and couples so reach out to me and let me make your wedding day a Blast in a Glass! (did you get the Jersey Shore REFERENCE?) 

I find it hard to pull myself out of nature when I’m shooting but I’ll never turn down a challenge. My business was born in 2015 however I have been shooting for over a gazillion years (rough estimate). It was only, after numerous suggestions, that I started reaching outside of my immediate friend and family group to share my love and work with others and MY GOD am I glad I did! I am finally doing my loves works as cheesy as that sounds but get to know me… I like cheese in all meanings of the word. If you’re interested in setting up a time to meet and discuss your photographic desires, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I can’t wait to hear about your ideas in hopes that I can make them become a reality for you! I am based out of the Philadelphia region and 100% open to traveling! I have been as far as Greece and Italy and I’m ready to pack my bags for the next adventure.

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