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Kasie and Steve's High Style Paris Inspired Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” - Coco Chanel

When we first chatted with Kasie & Steven we clicked right away. It was if we were talking to friends we have known our whole lives. The personality resemblance was uncanny. After they had officially became one of our couples, Kasie filled out their wedding aesthetic questionnaire and OH MY LANTA….

“What is your wedding vision, style and theme?”

A perfume commercial…can we just say…Ideal clientele alert! We adore this because honestly, what is more romantic than a perfume commerical? The fashion, the drama, the romance, the love. We immediately became more excited for this day than we were before, even if we didn’t think that was possible.

So obviously we had high expectations for their engagement sessions. While I will send outfit recommendations to brides who ask, we always send out our engagement session style guide. Inside it contains all types of amazing information and example images to help our couples plan out the most amazing engagement session catered to them! And while we knew their fashion would be on point, because we’ve already determined they are basically other versions of Mike and myself. We were still in complete awe when Kasie sent me their outfit board….

Talk about Bridgeton meets James Bond! Kasie & Steve’s session while we were at Longwood Gardens just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania … well it honestly felt more like an English Garden in Paris. (Side note: who else thinks that Kasie was bringing some major Lilly Collins Emily in Paris vibes?)

Not only are Kasie & Steve such beautiful human beings on the outside but they are even more beautiful and fun on the inside. These two drove to Pennsylvania from Boston (where they live) just for their engagement session. Talk about commitment! These two will be wed at the Cork Factory Hotel September 2022. And you can guarantee that we are counting down the days!


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