Sam and Vincent’s Engagement Session at Valley Forge Park


From the Bride to Be:

We met at our friends wedding in October 2015. Didn’t really expect much to come from it but we ultimately decided to all hang out as a group and went bowling.  Vincent paid for my dinner, which I thought was the sweetest thing but then we didn’t see each other again until a Christmas party.

The next day I got his number from our friend and texted him first and we set a date. We went ice skating, which I clung to the wall for dear life, but still had a really good time and talked a lot.  From there Vincent and I kept talking and spending time together and eventually it lead to our vacation to California, visiting my brother. We were driving down the coast after being in San Francisco and stopped at Pfeiffer Beach, which is known for its purple sand and keyhole rocks! We walked around and eventually ended up on the one corner of the beach where Vincent kept telling me how much he loved me and eventually got down on one knee and proposed!

He had bought one ring for me but once we got back to PA he gave me his great-grandmother’s ring, as he also wanted me to have that one and hadn’t told anyone he was proposing (except my dad) so he hadn’t gotten the ring!! But the rest is history and our wedding is April 2019!







We love the uniqueness of Sam’s two rings. And the great memory from their special engagement they hold.



Wishing Sam + Vincent a happy engagement! We are so excited to hear more about their wedding plans!


Maria Warriner Photography

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