Taylor and Matt’s Hawaiian Engagement Session

From the Bride to Be: Matt and I  actually met in high school when we were in ninth grade and became best friends. I had a different boyfriend until my freshman year of college and Matt joined the Marine Corp right after college.

He came home one Fourth of July weekend after I had ended things with my ex and we finally told each other how much we actually loved each other. For the next four years we spent most of our entire relationship apart. Matt spent his five years in the Marine Corps stationed in 29 Palms California inbetween deployments and I went to college here in PA. We traveled back and forth spending way too much money on flights and hotel rooms. Finally, he found out when he would be getting out last year in January. Then we decided to plan a trip to Hawaii for the summer while he was still stationed in California and his flight would be less.

Never did I think anything would come out of this! Apparently he had been planning it for months. We flew out there in June and one morning we had planned to watch the sunrise. That morning we woke up super early and I looked out the window and said “Matt, the sun is already up. I hope I didn’t wake up for no reason!” Matt assured me it would be worth it and we set out to walk down to the beach. We walked to the end set down a blanket and then I sat down and set up my camera to take some photos. Then I got a FaceTime call from my younger sister. I was so confused because how could she know I was up so early?! She was with my mom and dad too which in my head seemed normal. Totally forgot it was like a Thursday at noon and everyone was at work. Then my mom says Matt has something to ask you. I look over and he plays me a video on his phone. This video was a bunch of clips and pictures of my friends talking about how much they loved Matt and I together and they were so happy and excited for us! At this point, I was FREAKING OUT. Matt spoke at the end of the video and then when I handed him his phone back there he was down on one knee. I cried like crazy and laughed and looked ridiculous. Other people on the beach congratulated us and then a secret photographer came out of no where and then we had an hour engagement session afterwards. We spent the the rest of the week in total engagement bliss and it was the best time of my life. I mean how could it not we got engaged in Hawaii!!

Taylor and Matt’s Wedding is planned for June 2019 at  Joseph Ambler Inn in Horsham, PA. Their wedding date also happens to be Taylor’s late grandparents anniversary. They were married over 60 year. How sweet is that?! We are wishing Taylor and Matt a very happy engagement and hope we get to see more pics next year after their lovely wedding!

P.S. Taylor is a local photographer. You can see her work here

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