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New Jersey, SEPA/NEPA



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From wedding stationery to event design/branding, we’re here to bring unmatched value and a bold, modern look to your overall event experience. Our mission is to create custom designs that bring your unique personality to life. We love white space (hello minimalism!), typography (bauhaus would be proud), and using unusual materials to bring that distinct look and feel to your event. We know there are a lot of event designers out there which makes your vendor search that much more difficult. But what makes us unique is our design background and professionalism. This isn’t something we rolled out of bed one day and decided to just do. We’ve been working on our design skills for the last two decades. Since before we even knew what typography and graphic design were. Everything we do is intentional and purposeful. It’s that kind of commitment to the kraft that makes texture & tequila indispensable and a valuable partner in your event planning & design process.

Texture and Tequila Event Branding Studio

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