Share your wedding with us!

A look at what other couples loved, didn’t like and everything in between from their wedding day

The Wedding Diaries are a new blog sharing page on Pennsylvania Weddings that allows for couples to share all the details about their wedding day in their own words. 


How it works:

This is best for couples about 1-2 months out from their wedding day! When details are still fresh in your mind and you have all your photos back from the photographer. 

What do I include- You can include anything you feel will help other couples who are planning their wedding. From the moment you started your planning to your wedding day. 


This is NOT a vendor bashing blog. If you had a bad experience with a vendor, we ask that you refrain from bashing them on our site- we will not post it. You’re welcome to review your vendors even if there were a few hiccups but keep it PG. 

Photos- Send us between 10-20 photos from your wedding day that we can pick from to include in your post. Be sure to include all the vendor’s names so we can appropriately tag them in your post.

I am a terrible writer!- Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a blogging pro, we can edit as needed but do include more than just a paragraph!

Will anyone be able to see our post- Yes. This is open for anyone to view and comment. 

Does this mean our wedding is featured on your site- No, this is a little different than a full wedding feature/submission. Real Wedding Submissions are submitted by photographers or planners using their writeup and photos from a wedding- They can be posted anywhere between 6-12 months out from the wedding. 

Use the form below to submit your wedding diary!