Jenna and Kevin’s Ireland Engagement Session

When Jenna reached out to be featured, I was beyond excited from the get-go. The adorable way Kevin proposed and the breath taking views of their engagement photos had me instantly hooked and wanting to know more about their love story.

From the bride:

Kevin and I were born and raised and currently live in New Hope, Pa. We met at the local high school and have been dating ever since! We got engaged in Ireland last year and this September we will be married at my family’s estate in Solebury.

We went on a business trip for Kevin in Ireland. He works for a hospital and every year they have conferences in different countries. Kevin provided me with the conference itinerary and we planned out our sightseeing around it. On the first day in Ireland, Kevin was scheduled to speak at the conference. He headed out after breakfast to meet with colleagues and I was going to catch up with him before his speech. Hours later I took my taxi to the conference location. We went over hill and dale passing small mountainside cottages, farm animals and beautiful overlooks. The car came to a stop on this gorgeous one lane cliff and I had no idea where this conference center was. I was looking around in confusion, when the driver asked me if I know this man in front of the car. It was Kevin. Kevin opened the door and all I could say was “where is the conference why aren’t you at the conference??? What are you doing here???” He said he wanted to show me something. Led me to a gorgeous pond/overlook in his deserted area with only wild goats wandering around. Got down on one knee and I was stunned! Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a guy with a large lens camera peeking out of the brush. Kevin had hired a professional photographer to capture our moment and minutes later our engagement session!

The kicker? There was no conference. The itinerary. Colleagues. All made up. It was our engagement vacation he coordinated for months under the guise of a work trip. I helped him pack his work suits, prep PowerPoints, talking points — all a big sham!

Photographer, Nerijus Karmilcovas captured the couple’s special moment perfectly. A memorable experience for sure that both Jenna and Kevin can cherish for a lifetime. And can we get a shoutout for Kevin for pulling the whole thing off as a super sweet surprise to Jenna?! This guy is a keeper for sure! We are wishing the two of them a lifetime of happiness and a wonderful wedding day when they tie the knot this September.

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