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Alex and Chris' fall wedding at fox barn-A perfect combination of love and family heritage

"Alex wearing the traditional Chinese red dress, it made her feel connected to her parents- who were also dressed in their red Chinese outfits 8000 miles away for good luck the day of the wedding."

While studying for the MBA’s Cornell University, Alex and Chris didn’t expect to find their future partner. It wasn’t until a friend kept missing class, that the seat between the two would open up more than a space in class. 

Sharing a love for cooking, the two can be found cooking up anything from fried rice to spaghetti while spending nights watching tv with their dog.

For their wedding, Alex wore a traditional red Chinese dress, honoring her heritage and family who were sadly not able to attend from China due to the pandemic. To support their daughter’s wedding day the parents of the bride also wore red which is a symbol of good luck in their culture. 

Further incorporating the bride’s culture, Alex gifted each of her bridesmaids a Jade bracelet which is a symbol of love and protection.



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