Erin and Ray’s Engagement Session at Fort Pitt Bridge

Pittsburg Engagement Session

From the Photographer: Erin and Ray’s Pittsburgh PA session was just beautiful! We had a great time walking around the city and celebrating this beautiful couple’s engagement. Their engagement was a long time coming and the two of them are definitely meant to be!

Their engagement story is sweet too! According to Erin, “In elementary school, I went to a school with lots of children but no money. He went to a school with lots of money but no children. Our schools merged, and we met in the seventh grade. We started “dating” after a month of knowing each other. “Dating” being sitting next to each other at lunch, not talking because we were too nervous, and constant AIM messages after school. He actually asked me to be his girlfriend over AIM (LOL!). We went to different high schools and stayed together through it. Then we went to the same college, but we had our own lives. He had his friends, and I had mine. I was in a sorority, studied abroad and was in a dance company on campus. He did intramurals, was in a business frat and moved in with his guy-friends. Distance grew us apart and we broke up for 6 months. Yes, only 6 months until we realized we couldn’t pretend that living without each other just wasn’t going to happen. So, we got back together and graduated hand in hand. After graduation, he moved back in with his parents and I moved in with my girlfriends, but even with new jobs and living across the city from each other, we were inseparable. On April 29, 2018 we moved in together into his aunt’s old little house she had yet to put on the market. I was so excited to make it “ours!” Only 5 days later on May 4, I came home from work to an aisle of rose petals, candles and pictures of the two of us that led me to him on one knee with a ring and a bottle of champagne. I could never live without him and I haven’t since I was 12.”


Photographer: M Harris Studios | Location: Fort Pitt Bridge

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