How to Cheer Up “Corona Couples”




The term “COVID Bride” or “Corona Couples” are relatively new and have been increasing in use over the last few weeks. These terms refer to engaged couples whose wedding dates had to be moved due to event restrictions from COVID-19.

Couples everywhere, like Andra and Dan, are having to move their original wedding dates to sometime in the future when we can gather in large groups again.

The time, energy, and meticulous details that went into planning these weddings are now having to be spent once more as couples make these changes. These couples are stressed in an already tense situation as they hope their vendors and family are still able to attend.

So we’re outlining some ways you can make their lives a little bit easier during this time.

Print out their engagement photos

For a simple and inexpensive gesture, print out one of their engagement photos. You can order online and send it to their house directly.

If you choose to pick it up, write a loving note on the back before a no-contact drop-off!

Ask how you can help

This one is simple but oh-so meaningful. Couples might need some help making calls to update guests, finding new vendors (if their current ones are previously booked for the new date) or just someone to vent to.

Baked goods

Baked goods are the ultimate comfort food.

If you’re getting crafty in the kitchen nowadays, consider dropping off some sweet treats.

You can support a local business by sending baked goods from the bakery that is going to make their wedding cake! If you’re wondering who their baker is, check out their wedding website or ask casually to keep the surprise under wraps.

Send a card 

Send the couple a card to let them know you’re thinking of them and that you can’t wait to celebrate when the time comes. Similar to the idea above, order from the wedding professional who created their invites and continue to shop small! They will be touched and excited to get something so heartwarming in the mail.

Zoom Reception

Zoom is the virtual meeting place we all assemble within these days. Make a playlist on Spotify (be sure to include their first dance song at the end) and get the whole wedding party on Zoom to drink, dance, and “cheers” to the new date!

If you are looking for more resources for advice on handling weddings such as hosting a virtual bridal shower during COVID-19, please check out our blog.

Photographer: Olivine Fox Photography | Location: Downtown Pittsburgh

Guest blog written by Michelle of Marketing Mix by Michelle


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