Wedding Content Creators Are On The Rise. Here’s What You Need To Know

Wedding Content Creators Are On The Rise. Here's What You Need To Know

Yes. Wedding Content Creators aka “WCC” are a thing now. But what exactly is a WCC and do you need one? I’m here to spill the details on the newest trend for 2023 and 2024 weddings.

Wedding Content Creators started popping up in late 2022 but with Spring wedding season kicking off we are now seeing this service officially showing up at weddings. Just head on over to TikTok and you’ll see #wcc sprinkled in to wedding videos from both the couples and creators themselves. I couldn’t find anyone local to PA offering this service, the closest was out of NYC that I could find. You can check out their website here Plan With Laur. So, what is a WCC and do you need one at your wedding? Let’s find out.

What is a wedding content creator?

Wedding Content Creators Are On The Rise. Here's What You Need To Know

A Wedding Content Creator is someone who you can hire to take images and videos at your wedding for you to post on social media. You may be thinking- Didn’t I hire a photographer and videographer for that? Short answer yes, but depending on your stance, also no. The big pitch with WCC is that they give you the raw footage. If you’re not familiar with the term., raw footage is all the unedited/unprocessed images and video taken. Whereas, a photographer is giving you the best images of the day, edited. And a videographer creates a video of your wedding day with editing and music. 

This is the WCC biggest selling point from what I’ve seen that they will give you everything, unedited. If there’s something you don’t have from the photographer/videographer, they’ll likely have it for you. I have found some WCC offer light editing and video creation in their services. 

The second point of the WCC is that they have this content available within 24-48 hours or less. Some I’ve seen start to have your content ready during a reception break. vs. waiting sometimes up to 12 weeks for your photos/video- I know previews typically come faster. Meaning that you’re going to have that footage to start posting almost immediately and access to it is very easy since it was taken on someone’s phone, just a text or airdrop away.

Wedding Content Creators can either be their own business or an additional service that a photographer or videographer offers using a team member as the WCC for the day- more on this below.

Wedding Content Creators Are On The Rise. Here's What You Need To Know

What Does A Wedding Content Creator Do?

A Wedding Content Creator does pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Creating Wedding Content. The only difference in this case is that they’re not working as an influencer or creator for vendors-although this could certainly be a thing too- they’re creating content for you. 

A WCC states they work alongside your photographer/videographer capturing all the footage from setup of decor, getting ready and everything else. They’ll do little videos of you dancing with your bridesmaids and the groomsmen playing a game of pool. They take snapshots of guests during the reception and behind the scenes. And depending on their services, they could go even go live from your pages.

All of the content will then be provided to you to start posting on your social media pages. And no, you don’t need to be an influencer or social media star to have this service.

Wedding Content Creators Are On The Rise. Here's What You Need To Know

How Much Does A Wedding Content Creator Cost?

All right, I know you want to know how much this is going to set you back. So, here’s what I found as I went down the rabbit hole of Wedding Content Creators. Pricing from what I looked into with went by the hour or as a package. Pricing ranging from lowest to high was about $85-$180+ per hour to $1300-$4000+ per package. Depending on the content you’re looking for, at least it’s nice to know some offer an hourly option. Some WCC offer this service for other events like the reception, bachelorette/Bachelor parties and bridal showers as well. 

Wedding Content Creators Are On The Rise. Here's What You Need To Know

What To Look For In A Wedding Content Creator

Since Wedding Content Creators are just breaking into the scene you may not know exactly what to look for yet. And it can be hard to distinguish a WCC from the other content creators. For now, like any vendor take a look at their work. If they don’t have a social media account, that’s going to be a red flag. They are content creators after all. I also noticed you want to look for hashtags #wcc and #weddingcontentcreator to find this service. You can also check with your photographer/videographer to see if this is a service that can be added on- however I would like some more feedback from these vendors first on what they think about WCC so, don’t quote me on that!

There are some things to look into like what phone they have and do they have a backup on their phone for storage. And ask who owns the content them or you. Make sure there is a contract too. 

In general, look into the person you’re considering hiring, just like anyone else. This is a newer service so you may not get someone who has a big portfolio right now.

Wedding Content Creators Are On The Rise. Here's What You Need To Know

Do I Need A Wedding Content Creator For My Wedding?

Nope. But, weddings are a luxury so you don’t really “need” many of the things you see at weddings. But, if you think this service sounds like something you want to have at your wedding, go for it! We won’t stop you! And if you happen to be an influencer or social media star (hello, and thank you for being here), this might be the perfect service for you. It may even give you a few extra memories captured and you won’t need to rely on a friend or family member- we know how that goes. If this sounds like a service you see value in and you can work it into your budget, then hiring a WCC can be the way to go. I am curious to see how this service takes off as we get into the thick of wedding season.

Wedding Content Creators Are On The Rise. Here's What You Need To Know

Final Thoughts On Wedding Content Creators

Hang tight because I’ve got a lot.

As someone who does content creation both here and personally, I was pretty intrigued when I took my deep dive into the world of WCC. And like with many things, the wheels instantly started turning. But is this just another trend or what the future looks like for weddings? 

We see a lot of “trends” come and go. Some are still around like balloons, neon signs, flower walls, standing only receptions (don’t get me started) but eventually these will turn into something else. I don’t necessarily see Wedding Content Creation as a trend though. I see this sticking around and taking off. Social Media is going through what I like to call it, a mid life crisis. There’s a lot going on depending on your preferred platform but it’s where the people are. And it’s where couples go to share their weddings with friends, families and followers. And having such quick access to start sharing your wedding day is a huge benefit. 

Do I feel like this will replace videographers? No. People said that about photography when smart phones came out. This is just an extra layer of icing on that cake. Remember this footage is taken on someone’s phone and any editing they do is most likely going to be done on their phones- don’t get me wrong, it will look good pending you hire a good WCC but it’s not the same. I do think it’s a good option for someone who may not have the budget or doesn’t want a full wedding video. It’s not always cheaper though as you read above regarding pricing. 

Will vendors add on this service? I can for sure see this happening and already saw a few videos where the videographer’s wife was the WCC. Depending on how this takes off, you could have photographers, planners, and even DJs add this service on. Similar to photo booths. 

What do other vendors think about Wedding Content Creators? Not sure yet. I’d love to know though. Is it just one more person to get in the way while trying to capture the bride walking down the aisle? We already know there can be tension between photographers and videographers- IYKYK. Will the WCC outshine the other vendors as far as content? If you’re a vendor please let us know what you think.

I have so many burning questions and I am very curious to see how this takes off. I may bring everyone back for a part 2 later in the year.

In general, I like the idea!

Are you interested in hiring a Wedding Content Creator OR Did you hire a Wedding Content Creator for your wedding? We want to hear all about it!


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  1. Great article on wedding content creators! I just started my wedding content creation business, Vivid Moments With San, in the Philadelphia area. I would love to chat about my perspective of being a wedding content creator, if you’re interested!

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